Moving into residential care

Your guide to residential care in New Zealand. Videos, articles, and
checklists to help you make an informed decision.

Step-by-step guide to residential care

We know navigating the rest home industry can be overwhelming and sometimes
decisions need to be made in a short time-frame. If you are unsure where to start,
begin with our step-by-step guide.
Step 1
Arrange a needs assessment

This can be arranged directly via your local Needs Assessment
Service Coordination or through a GP referral.

Step 2

Understand resident costs and fees

The residential care subsidy contributes to the cost of residing
in a rest home. To be eligible for the subsidy certain criteria
needs to be met including a financial means assessment.
This step is completed by Work & Income.

Step 3

Find and compare rest homes

Village Guide makes this step easy. Simply use our search filters
to find rest homes in your area that offer the level of care required.
Send an enquiry directly to the rest home manager using our forms or
create a 'compare list' to print and browse with family members.

Find rest homes
Step 4

Visit rest homes in-person

Once you’ve shortlisted rest homes that suit, the next step is to
arrange a meeting with the manager. This gives you
the opportunity to look around the facility and to get a feel
for the home. We’ve put together a list of suggested questions
to ask rest home managers.

Step 5

Read the paperwork

Make sure you request an admissions agreement from each rest
home you visit. Take your time to read through these
documents. You can also access the rest home’s most recent
audit report from the Ministry of Health website. This is another
document we suggest you take the time to read prior to making
a decision.

Step 6

Make a choice and sign the agreement

Once you’ve decided on a rest home, you will need to sign the
admissions agreement and work together with the rest home
manager to create a care plan. It’s also at this stage that you
apply for the residential care loan (if you qualify).

View resources by topic

Understanding rest homes and your options

Understanding residents fees

Understanding the paperwork

Levels of care

Helpful organisations

  • Seniorline Seniorline supports people to navigate the health system and offers advise on moving into a rest home, funding and services. Seniorline is contracted by all New Zealand District Health Boards.
  • Age Concern Aged concern is a charitable organisation that offer knowledge and guidance on services for people over 65.
  • Work and Income Offer support with the costs of residential care.
  • Contact details for district health boards View phone and email address for each district health board by region

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