Who is Village Guide?

Village Guide is New Zealand’s dedicated online retirement village and care home directory. Our website is designed to make it easier to find the right retirement village or care home for you or a loved one by listing every registered facility across New Zealand, filtered at a region and district level. For each facility, you’ll find information on all the relevant offerings, including accommodation types, amenities, services and care. If you choose to make contact with a village or care home, enquiries go straight to the manager who will respond to you directly.

How can Village Guide help me?

Village Guide is useful for anyone thinking about their future, or the future of a loved one. If you want to downsize for practical reasons, are looking for added security, or want a place you can easily lock up and leave while on holiday, then a retirement village may be a good option. Alternatively if you're looking for a higher level of care, Village Guide will show you the different levels of care available in care homes around your district. We’re here to help you make an informed choice.

Our popular blog, Village Voice, also contains articles and interviews on issues surrounding aged care in New Zealand, and relevant industry news. Village Guide is updated daily, to make sure you get the latest information, whether you’re looking to move now or just considering future options.

Who’s behind Village Guide?

Village Guide was launched in early 2015 by Paula Collier, a digital marketing expert. When Paula moved back home from Australia in 2014, she was struck by the lack of independent online information about aged care facilities in New Zealand. This is a subject she cares deeply about: having had several close family members in resthomes and retirement villages, Paula has seen how complex the decision making process can be. Creating Village Guide seemed like the perfect opportunity to provide a much needed service, as well as put her skills and experience in large-scale start-ups to use.

Village Guide now has a dedicated team working to keep its content accurate and relevant, including a sales manager, professional content writers, and web development and SEO expertise.

Paula is also a passionate proponent of women in business, and is always happy to speak about what she has learned building her own company. If you would like to discuss Village Guide or speak to Paula about being a woman in business, then please get in touch.

How do I make contact?

We love to hear from people who use our website – what you do or don't like about the site, whether you find it easy to use, whether you found the information you were looking for, anything that can help us make the site better. Please send us an email or submit a comment through our ‘contact us ’ page.

In addition, if you are involved in the aged care industry or even have a personal experience of your own to share around a move to a village or resthome, then we would love to hear from you as are always looking for interesting stories we can share through 'Village Voice'.

If you represent a retirement village or care home, and would like to know how you can work with Village Guide, please send us an email.