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Care Plans

At a glance

A Care Plan is a personalised document for each resident in a care facility. It outlines everything to do with the care of a resident, including their medical requirements, any challenges the resident is facing, and instances when their family must be contacted.

Every resident entering a residential care facility will receive a personalised Care Plan.

Unlike an Admission Agreement, a Care Plan is unique to the resident, designed specifically to meet their specific health and wellbeing needs.

Who creates the Care Plan?

The Care Plan is created by the residential care facility in consultation with the resident and/or their family.

Care Plans should put the resident first and consider what support is best suited to a resident’s individual circumstances.

What does a Care Plan include?

A Care Plan should include information relating to:

  • Any challenges or problems the resident is currently facing
  • Goals of the resident and their family
  • Medications and other medical management solutions
  • Dietary requirements
  • An action plan for the future
  • A crisis plan, including actions to be taken in an emergency
  • Instances when family must be contacted
  • Information about who is responsible for what
  • An outline of when the plan should be reviewed*

*Generally speaking, plans should be reviewed every six months and updated according to the resident’s latest health needs and preferences.

What makes a great Care Plan?

The purpose of the Care Plan is to ensure all staff at a care facility know exactly how to care for a resident.

Care Plans should:

  • Ensure consistent and high-quality care
  • Ensure a resident’s comfort
  • Keep family members informed and up-to-date

Comparing Care Plans

A Care Plan is generally only created once a resident has joined a residential care facility.

However, residential care facilities may be able to provide fictional examples to help with the decision-making process.

Please contact care facilities directly for more information about their approach to Care Plans.

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