Independent Living

This generally refers to a villa, townhouse, apartment or studio that comes without personal services (although they may be available to purchase separately.) Residents enjoy maximum privacy and freedom in their own home, but with the security and companionship that comes with village life.

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Assisted Living

Sometimes referred to as supported living, or serviced apartments. Assisted living is designed for those who need regular help with day-to-day tasks, or with medical conditions. Assisted living residents may receive this help in a standard apartment or villa, or in a dedicated serviced unit.

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Rest Home Care

Sometimes referred to as care homes. Resthome living is residential care in a dedicated facility from trained caregivers and registered nurses. Rest homes provide 24-hour care to those who are no longer able to live independently.

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Hospital Care

Sometimes referred to as continuing care. Often offered in tandem with rest home care, hospital level care offers a higher level of nursing and clinical care for those suffering from illness or other medical conditions.

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Dementia Care

There are various levels of dementia care available across New Zealand. Most care homes that offer dementia level care will have a dedicated unit and specially trained staff. Those offering higher levels of dementia care will offer secure facilities.

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Psychogeriatric Care

Usually held in a separate unit, psychogeriatric care is secure hospital care for people suffering with severe dementia. Units can also accommodate other complex conditions which cause challenging behaviour and/or limited function. Qualified caregivers, nursing staff and doctors can provide specialist treatment and high level care at all times.

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Palliative Care

Palliative care ensures that terminally ill patients receive proper medical and emotional support, with an emphasis on comfort and quality of life. Care Homes offering palliative care should offer a professional team of doctors and caregivers.

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Respite Care

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Day Care

Many Care Homes offer a day care programme for elderly people living in the local community. Day care services generally include transport, meals, activities, and attention from trained staff. Day care can give carers a needed rest, and those being cared for or living alone at home a welcome change of scene and the chance to interact with others.

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