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Admission Agreements

At a glance

An Admission Agreement is a legally-binding document between a care facility and a resident, outlining key issues such as resident safety, staffing, and additional charges.

The purpose of an Admission Agreement is to outline the responsibilities of both the resident and the care provider.

An Admission Agreement should include information relating to:

  • Staffing
  • Transport policies
  • Resident safety and security
  • Additional costs or fees*
  • Complaints processes
  • Procedures
  • Information on when a resident may be required to leave
  • What happens if the resident’s personal belongings are lost or damaged

*Keep in mind a care facility is not permitted to charge for services that are covered by the District Health Board contract, such as medications and GP visits, if the resident has been needs assessed as requiring long-term residential care.

Legal advice

It’s important for residents to treat this document as they would any other legally-binding contract. Read through it carefully, speak to a trusted friend or relative for a second opinion, and seek advice from a lawyer if possible.


A prospective resident may be able to negotiate terms with the care facility if they are unhappy with certain aspects of the agreement. For example, they could choose to refuse extra services in the agreement, or negotiate terms such as how much notice is expected should they wish to leave.

Comparing agreements

Residential care facilities do not charge for providing Admission Agreements, so residents could review agreements from more than one facility to inform the decision-making process.

Further information

Please refer to the TAS Health website for further information about age-related residential care services agreements.

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