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Visiting rest homes in Nelson

There are over 15 rest homes in Nelson. To get a good understanding of the options available and find the best fit, it’s a good idea to visit several different ones and speak with staff and residents.

Types of rest homes in Nelson

The majority of rest homes in Nelson listed on Village Guide are mid-sized, meaning they have between 50 and 100 beds. There are also a few small rest homes (with fewer than 50 beds) and large rest homes (with more than 100 beds).

Most rest homes in Nelson have two room types: standard and premium. Standard rooms have space for a single bed and a few small items of furniture. Premium rooms differ from rest home to rest home, but they are usually more spacious than standard rooms and come with premium features such as an ensuite bathroom or garden access.

There are also rest homes in Nelson that offer specialised care, for example dementia care. Other rest homes only offer rest home care and hospital level care. Each rest home differs, so it’s important to research levels of care before making a decision.

How to search for rest homes in Nelson

There is a search feature near the top of this page that allows you to filter rest homes in Nelson by suburb, size, level(s) of care, and more. If you’d like further help finding a rest home, you can also refer to the ‘Need help finding a rest home?’ box and follow the prompts.

How much do rest homes in Nelson cost?

The cost of living in a rest home in Nelson varies depending on factors such as room type (i.e. standard or premium), whether the resident chooses to receive premium services, the level of care the resident needs, and eligibility for the Residential Care Subsidy. Our rest home care resource page explains pricing information in more detail.

The Residential Care Subsidy

The Residential Care Subsidy goes towards the cost of living in a Nelson rest home. The Ministry of Health pays this subsidy directly to the rest home provider on behalf of the resident. To determine eligibility, residents must undergo a Needs Assessment, as well as an assets and income test.

Maximum Contribution

Maximum Contribution is the term for the most a rest home can charge a resident each week for standard care, excluding premium features and fees. The Maximum Contribution for Nelson City is currently $1,148.56 [source: Gazette June 2021]. NB: The Maximum Contribution is updated each year around July.

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Dementia Care in Nelson

According to Village Guide’s listings, there are around six rest homes in Nelson that offer dementia care. This type of care is specialised care for people with dementia or cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common type). Since these types of conditions are progressive and impact people differently, dementia care is flexible by design. It accommodates a wide range of needs and supports people experiencing many different symptoms.

Who is eligible for Dementia Care in Nelson?

To be eligible to receive dementia care in Nelson, a resident must be assessed as requiring it by a Needs Assessment. To book a Needs Assessment, please contact your local branch of NASC(Needs Assessment and Service Coordination).

Standards for Dementia Care in Nelson rest homes

There are strict standards for rest homes that offer dementia care, as outlined in the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001. Frequent audits ensure rest homes are meeting these standards.

Find Dementia Care in Nelson

Near the top of this page, underneath the green ‘search rest homes’ button, there is a drop-down menu titled ‘level of care’. You can use this function to display rest homes on Village Guide that offer dementia care in Nelson.

Person-centred care in Nelson rest homes

Person-centred care is a term to describe care that places an individual at the heart of all decisions about their health. It’s a key element of the New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care and considered best practice. When visiting rest homes in Nelson, it’s a good idea to ask about how they implement person-centred care.

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