Premium room fees

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In residential care facilities, premium room fees refer to charges for premium room features such as an ensuite bathroom, garden access, or larger-than-standard room. Premium room fees are not covered by public funding, so must be paid for privately.

What are premium room features?

Premium room fees are charged for rooms that have premium features of a permanent or fixed nature. For example, rooms with private bathrooms, extra space, or garden access.

Keep in mind that premium room fees do not apply to features that can be switched off, such as newspaper delivery, a Netflix or Sky TV subscription, or a private phone line.

Are premium room fees covered by the residential care subsidy or loan?

No. Neither the residential care subsidy nor the residential care loan cover premium room fees.

This means if someone moves into a room with premium features, they will be required to cover these costs themselves without the help of the subsidy or loan.

How much do premium room fees typically cost?

Premium room fees are reasonably common in residential care facilities, but costs vary widely. For exact prices, it’s best to contact the care facility directly.

Where can I find further information?

For more information about when premium room fees can and cannot apply, see section A13 of the Age-Related Residential Care Services Agreement.

This document outlines the finer details of contracts with residential care providers, including charges and costs a resident is expected to pay.

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