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Retirement Living in Christchurch

A vibrant urban centre surrounded by diverse landscapes, Christchurch offers an attractive blend of city living and the great outdoors. Known for its fascinating heritage, beautiful green spaces, and stunning scenery, it’s a popular place to retire.

There are many retirement villages in Christchurch. The best way to find the village that best suits your lifestyle is to attend an open day, event, or arrange a private tour. When visiting retirement villages in Christchurch, be sure to check out the on-site facilities and different property types, and also ask about social activities. For more tips and information about visiting retirement villages in Christchurch, see our Resource Centre.

Types of Retirement Village in Christchurch

Every retirement village is different. From small, boutique villages to larger, resort-style villages, each village has its own distinct feel and sense of community. Some villages in Christchurch have a host of on-site facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, bars, and restaurants. Other villages are smaller and revolve around two or three shared spaces, such as a community lounge, cinema room, library, or cafe.

There are different types of homes available in retirement villages throughout Christchurch. Depending on the village, you may be able to find everything from low-maintenance one-bedroom apartments to spacious three-bedroom villas and other options in between. Other villages only offer one or two accommodation types.

Most retirement villages in Christchurch will offer different levels of care. Some villages offer independent living only, while others have an on-site rest home that provides longer term care options. On each listing, Village Guide displays the level of care each retirement village in Christchurch offers. Some examples of care that may be available include, rest home care, specialist dementia care, respite care, and day care.

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Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Most retirement villages Christchurch offers have both independent living and assisted living options. Independent living means you live independently in your own home but have access to a suite of services, facilities, and support should you choose to use them – it’s up to you.

Assisted living means you’ll receive ongoing support from caregivers and medical professionals, but still enjoy the freedom and privacy of your own home. Assisted living serves as a bridge between independent living and rest home care. The most common type of assisted living accommodation is a serviced apartment. These are often smaller than independent living options and come with support in the form of cleaning, meals, general medical care, and more.

The difference between retirement villages and rest home

The terms ‘retirement village’ and ‘rest home’ are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences between the two facilities.

In a retirement village, you live independently in your own home, but have access to a suite of services that make day-to-day living easier. You can choose to use these additional services or live completely independently – it’s up to you. Many retirement villages also offer assisted living accommodation, which serves as a bridge between independent living and rest home care. In assisted living, you’ll receive ongoing support from caregivers and medical professionals, but still enjoy the freedom and privacy of your own home.

Rest homes offer a higher level of care for people who can no longer live independently. There are different room types available, from standard single rooms to premium rooms with premium features such as private ensuites. In some retirement villages, rest home care may also be available in a care suite or serviced apartments. Many retirement villages in Christchurch share an address with a rest home, allowing for continuity of care. Some retirement village residents may even spend short stints in the on-site rest home if it offers day care, respite care, or hospital care. These types of temporary care are ideal for recovering from an illness or operation in a safe environment that’s close to home. However, even if retirement villages and rest homes are located on the same site, the day-to-day management is mostly separate, with unique services, staff, and social activities.

How to Search for a Retirement Village in Christchurch

To search for retirement villages in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region, simply use the drop-down menus at the top of this page to enter an exact location. You can then refine your search by type of home (e.g. villa, townhouse, or apartment) using the checklist beneath the ‘Featured Retirement Villages’ section.

Choosing the right retirement village for your needs is essential. Village Guide aims to make it easy to find the retirement village in Christchurch that's right for you.

How Much Do Christchurch Retirement Villages Cost?

Retirement villages in Christchurch vary in cost depending on size, location, type of home, facilities, and many other factors. When visiting a village, it’s important to discuss the fee structure with the sales manager to get a good understanding of the overall cost. Sales managers can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. They are usually permanent employees of the village and seek to make sure everyone who moves in feels comfortable, supported, and at home. You can expect them to be transparent about costs.

You can find an overview of common fee types and other financial considerations in our Resource Centre.

Features of Retirement Villages

As every retirement village in Christchurch is different, each will have different features that may factor into your decision. Look out for things such as gardens, spacious rooms, ease of access for friends and family, how difficult it is to go shopping or get to the shops, whether the location is secure, bedroom sizes and comfort, and more.

It's worth considering these things to visualise what your lifestyle may look like living in a certain retirement village and whether that lines up with what you're looking for.

Understanding Retirement Village Fees

When speaking with the sales manager, ask them to explain the different types of fees. From entry costs to deferred management fees to weekly fees and more, the total cost of living in a retirement village is often split across several different charges and payment types. If you're looking for more information on retirement village fees in New Zealand, you can view an overview of common fee types and other financial considerations in our Resource Centre.

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