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Retirement Living in Tauranga

A popular retirement destination, Tauranga is a beautiful region that has plenty to offer those who choose to call it home. Known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning coastal vistas, it’s little wonder many people choose this part of the world as their preferred retirement destination.

If you have been looking for a retirement village in Tauranga, Village Guide is the ideal place to search. We list retirement villages across the region, complete with profiles and photos of each establishment. Our listings make it easy to evaluate all available options, so you can quickly compare locations, facilities and available services.

Retirement Homes in Tauranga and Near the Bay of Plenty

When it comes to finding retirement homes in Tauranga and across the surrounding region, you’re in the right place. We've made it as easy as possible to search for and compare retirement villages throughout the region.

To compare retirement homes in Tauranga, the easiest way is to type the search parameters into our website's drop-down menus and search bar. Start by choosing your desired location. Once you've found that, select an appropriate property type.

Still not sure which retirement village will be right for you? Visit our Resource Centre for guides and checklists that will help you work out what you're looking for in a retirement village.

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Types of Retirement Village in Tauranga

Retirement village living offers a comfortable and supported lifestyle, allowing you to live how you want without changing your life too much as you move into the next stage of life. In Tauranga, village life can come with many amenities and facilities, depending on the village. Some villages have on-site gyms, a swimming pool, bars, restaurants or a dedicated dining room, and more, while others are more boutique and may only have a few communal spaces such as a lounge, TV room, and dining area.

Levels of Care Available

Some Tauranga retirement villages have an on-site rest home that provides various levels of care for residents, meaning you may be able to stay within the village if you develop certain health conditions in the future. For example, rest home care, respite care, day care, and specialist dementia care may be available. Some villages also offer serviced apartment options. Village Guide makes it easy to see the different levels of care that each retirement village offers. If you have questions about the type of care offered at a specific retirement village, the contact details are available when you click on the village.

Independent Living or Assisted Living

Many retirement homes offer both independent living and assisted living options. Independent living entails living independently in your own house while still having access to a variety of services, amenities, and support as needed. You're free to choose which services you use, allowing you to live as independently or as supported as you wish.

Assisted living means you'll receive care and support from trained caregivers and medical experts, while still enjoying the freedom and privacy of your own home. It serves as a middle point between independent living and rest home care, offering both independence and care for residents. Usually, assisted living will come in the form of serviced apartments. These are generally smaller apartments that come with support in the form of cleaning, meals, general medical care, and more. Villages that offer assisted living will often give their residents priority access to care.

Understanding Retirement Village Fees

There are different fees associated with retirement villages in Tauranga Most commonly you will pay an entry fee, also known as an initial capital sum to secure a licence to occupy the home you choose. While residing in the village you will pay weekly fees which cover the day to day operating costs of the village which you benefit from by being a resident e.g. insurance, rates, ground maintenance, staff costs etc. Upon leaving the village there are other costs to be aware of such as the deferred management fee and possibly legal fees and costs associated with marketing and selling your home. A village sales manager or general village manager will be able to provide you with more information.

You can find an overview of common fee types and other financial considerations in our Resource Centre.

Find the ideal retirement home

In Tauranga, every lifestyle is catered for; from peaceful, independent one and two bedroom villas nestled next to greenbelt land, to ocean view single bedroom apartments just metres from Mt Maunganui’s popular beach. Whether you're looking to live comfortably and independently or to join a vibrant community of like minded people, there’s an option to suit varying preferences and requirements.

Click here if you are searching for homes closer to Auckland.

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