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    Serviced apartments for peace of mind living

    As life progresses, it is only natural that certain things become more important to you. This could include companionship, medical and/or personal care, regular meals, housework and laundry being done for you, as well as having easy access to activities and a close knit community.
    Perhaps you are looking at what the future holds for you? You may be struggling with day to day living, or your GP or Nurse has encouraged you to think seriously about moving into a higher level of care, but you may be reluctant to leave your current independent lifestyle. For those who want to remain as independent as possible, but need that extra support, serviced apartments provide the perfect answer. Here, you will still live in the comfort of your own home, while you have access to all meals, apartment cleaning and laundry services, a medical care package personalised just for you -keeping in mind your individual needs for now and in the future.

    We are able to provide funded and private care right up to rest home level into these apartments, allowing you to have all the support you need, with the space and privacy to continue the independent lifestyle you currently have.

    To see how this wonderful serviced apartment living could transform you or your loved ones life, simply give Stacey a call on 06 370 6026 to arrange a private tour and talk through our range of personalised support options.

    Notify me of new listings and open days