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Thursday, March 28, 2019

The pros and cons of living in a retirement village

More New Zealanders are choosing to live in retirement villages, drawn by benefits such as companionship, security, and healthcare. 

However, retirement village living is not for everyone. As with every big decision, there are pros, cons, and plenty of things to consider.

Pros of living in a retirement village

Every village is different, but here are some of the most common advantages of living in a retirement village in New Zealand.

  • On-site facilities such as communal lounges, swimming pool, dining areas, library, craft rooms, and cinema/tv room. All villages offer different facilities, so please check with the sales manager.
  • Services such as housekeeping, meals, and the use of a village van.
  • Healthcare support such as access to doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare practitioners.
  • Some villages offer continuum of care, meaning you won’t have to move twice if either you or your partner’s health declines.
  • A sense of community and companionship from living alongside like-minded neighbours.
  • On-site security (e.g. guards at night or camera systems), providing peace of mind if you live alone or travel often.
  • Low-maintenance lifestyle, free from the stress of ongoing home and property upkeep.
  • An opportunity to release equity for retirement (if you sell your home). Please note this depends on the value of your current home and the purchase price of your new home.
  • Almost all villages have a 24-hour monitored push-button emergency call system, however, please confirm with the sales manager.

Cons of living in a retirement village

Here are some possible disadvantages of living in a retirement village in New Zealand.

  • The cost of living in a village is not suited to every budget.
  • You may need to move suburbs, towns or even cities.
  • There may be a long waiting list for in-demand villages.
  • Close proximity to neighbours may not suit all personality types.
  • You may need to consider storage solutions if you have a lot of furniture.

Key things to know 

Deciding where to live in retirement is a big decision. Our Choosing where to live in retirement booklet can help you with the decision-making process.

Featuring checklists, tips, and insights, this booklet covers topics such as:

  • Your ideal retirement lifestyle
  • Types of retirement accommodation
  • Facilities, support services, and healthcare in retirement villages
  • Choosing a retirement location
  • Retirement budgeting tools & resources

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