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The perfect Mother's Day gift idea

Friday, May 11, 2018

The perfect Mother's Day gift idea

Mother’s Day: Treat Mom like a Queen in her Castle with Home Upgrades

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time once again to find the perfect gift for mum. Sure, there are always the old standbys: a box of chocolates, flowers, or a colourful planter. This year, why not try thinking outside the gift box and do something for mum that’ll have lasting benefit and keep her smiling all year.

If you have tools and the experience, why not surprise her with a DIY home upgrade that will add property value, aesthetic appeal and functional practicality. There are lots of projects that won’t break your budget or take an inordinately long time to complete.

Make the cabinets pop

Whether or not your mother spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you can make this important room really stand out by upgrading the cabinets. Replace those old round knobs with fixtures that have a rustic/classic or modern look. Cabinet doors tend to start looking worn fairly quickly in the kitchen, with the all the grease and smoke that accumulates over time. Freshen them up with a new coat of paint, maybe a shade that doesn’t show the dirt, dust and grease so easily. Beware that cabinets will require oil-based paint, which stands up to wear and tear much better than other types, but takes more time and elbow grease to apply properly. If you’d like to add a new twist, attach some molding to dress up traditional cabinets.

Countertops with style

If Mum has been talking about how tired she is of those old linoleum countertops, consider adding a touch of luxury in the kitchen by replacing them with faux granite or marble counters. It’s a cost-effective and attractive upgrade that’ll make your mother’s kitchen look brand new. If she prefers a classic, woodsy look, there’s always attractive and durable butcher block or, if you want to spend a little more money, go with something truly luxurious, like African or Sapeli mahogany. 

Make a (back) splash

Next to new countertops or cabinets, a bright backsplash is perhaps the most striking improvement you can make in the kitchen. Tile is a popular choice for backsplashes as is glass mosaic, which is somewhat less expensive than most tile. If you’re looking for something easier to install, consider going with a peel-and-stick mosaic tile, which is both affordable and attractive.

More storage

Some parts of the house are more storage-challenged than others. If your mother has a separate laundry room that’s lacking in square footage, put in some new shelving that’ll accommodate all that detergent, bleach and various stain removers. There are many kinds of inexpensive storage units that will make a difference on laundry day. A lot of shelving units can easily be installed directly above the washer and dryer, making it easy for mum to access without having to do a lot of bending and lifting. Best of all, you can get it done in under five hours.

Bathroom floor

If your mother’s been in her home for many years, it’s probably time to do something about that old vinyl flooring in the bathroom. You can put in a more modern design in a day or tackle something a little more ambitious and expensive, such as tile.

Useful space

Mum deserves some relaxation and a place to enjoy it. It’s hard to beat a patio space where she can take in a pretty day in peace. Or, clear out that old junk room and convert it to a yoga studio, if mum is into meditative exercise. If she prefers crafts, turn it into a craft room replete with a bulletin board, coloured pens and pencils, and other materials that she’ll use to make gifts and mementoes for friends and family.

Make this Mother’s Day a memorable one with a home improvement. But beware - she might like it so much she’ll expect upgrades every year. Which gives you a year to plan your next gift.

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