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Ryman lifts wages for nurses and other village staff

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Ryman lifts wages for nurses and other village staff

Nurses and other village staff working for Ryman Healthcare have received a substantial wage increase.

Chair of Ryman Healthcare, Dr David Kerr, says the pay rise goes “over and above” the precedent set by the Government.

“This reset is likely to cost an additional $5 million this financial year and is over and above the 2% increase in Government funding for aged care – this is an investment in people that we are happy to make,” Dr Kerr said in a press release.

In addition to lifting wages, Ryman has also doubled the sick leave allowance for full-time village staff and doubled the weekend allowances for nurses.

Dr Kerr says these decisions were made after consulting with staff.

“We talked to staff about what we could do and listened to their views,” he says.

Thanks to these pay increases, Ryman Healthcare is now one of the highest paying employers in the industry.

Village Guide Founder Paula Bishop says Ryman should be commended on taking the lead on lifting village nurse wages.

“Those working in the aged care industry offer an invaluable service that deserves to be recognised with fair, competitive wages,” says Paula.

“It’s wonderful to see companies like Ryman Healthcare taking initiative in this area.”


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