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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Retirees secret to staying young

Takapuna retirement village proving popular for activities and social environment.

Tucked away in Takapuna, you’ll find a tight knit community of retirees enjoying life at The Poynton retirement village.

The popularity of retirement villages continues to grow in Auckland, with new developments increasing year on year, particularly in prime locations on the North Shore. Retirees are drawn to the area, lifestyle and the many advantages of living within a village.

Jan Ellin, 82, and partner Jim, 88, say The Poynton’s extensive list of leisure activities has

kept them more active than they had ever been before. When Jan arrived at The Poynton, she was working part-time but soon gave work up as she says it was interfering with all the activities that she wanted to get involved in.

“There’s no time to go to work! The activities keep us feeling young and active. If we were in our own homes, we wouldn’t be doing half the things we do here,” says Jan.

As well as keeping residents busy with offerings including art, crafts and activities rooms, a billiards and blokes’ shed, bowling green, croquet lawn and pétanque terrain, the village also hosts social events for residents. The Mix Lounge Bar, Sage restaurant and Zest Café are places where residents can bring family and friends or come together to enjoy a fine dining experience.

For couple Terry and Phyllis Huckle, the best part about their life in a retirement village has been the people they have met.

Terry, 77, and Phyllis, 74, enjoy their independence but love being in an environment that offers plenty of opportunities to socialise with other residents.

“It’s a very happy place. I think it’s like one big happy family,” says Phyllis.

Garry and Carrol Carter, who have lived at The Poynton for almost seven years, agree.
“I never thought in my life that I would be back with a big group of people. I can’t get over, at my age, being able to meet up with so many fantastic people. They’re gold,” says Garry.
Garry also loves having the peace of mind that all their wants and needs are taken care of.
“We like travelling, and now I don’t have to worry about the roof leaking or the hedge growing. We can go away, and I don’t have to worry about any of the maintenance,” Garry explains.
The Poynton offers a friendly, thriving community and outstanding facilities and activities. The spacious premium one, two- or three-bedroom apartments provide unrivalled comfort, security and peace of mind for a truly enjoyable retirement.

For Pru Giles, 73, security was a particularly important factor when she made the move to The Poynton a decade ago. With on-site staff 24/7 and perimeter security, Pru always feels safe and secure in her three-bedroom apartment – something her family values as well.

“It’s nice to know that there is someone taking care of us. Knowing that they [the night watchmen] are there, I think that’s been the most important part of coming here,” says Pru.
John Thompson, 83, is a newer resident at The Poynton after making the move from a lifestyle block in Coatesville eighteen months ago. For John, The Poynton was an easy choice not just because of its prime spot in Takapuna but also for its warm, convivial and caring atmosphere.
“It’s a very sharing community but it isn’t invasive. You can choose what you want to do and how much you want to do,” he says.
John recommends anyone considering moving into a retirement village should make the move while they’re active and able to take full advantage of the superb facilities, endless activities and the vibrant community life.
The Poynton’s first-class facilities also include: an on-site hair salon; indoor swimming pool, spa and gymnasium; library; lounge with big screen TV and grand piano; and a wellness centre with doctor services.
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