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New Matamata retirement village to include motorhome parking

Monday, November 05, 2018

New Matamata retirement village to include motorhome parking

A new village under development in Matamata will likely appeal to motorhome owners on the cusp of retirement.

Matamata Longlands Lifestyle Village, a 222-house development, will include ample motorhome parking as well as facilities for motorhome washing and servicing.

The developer, Freedom Lifestyle Villages, is responding to the growing trend of motorhome ownership in New Zealand.

“The reality is, over 50,000 motorhomes are now in New Zealand,” Freedom Lifestyle Villages managing director Jacob Van Het Wout told

“Our Papamoa village was at the forefront when we opened that in 2013. We have 35 motorhome parks there that are constantly booked, and that’s a reflection on the type of demographic we’re appealing to.”

Village Guide founder Paula Bishop says it’s great to see Freedom Lifestyle Villages taking motorhome owners into account.

“Motorhoming is a much-loved hobby for many retirees, but motorhomes do take up a lot of space and they can be a challenge when moving to a retirement village,” says Paula.

“By providing motorhome parking and facilities, Freedom Lifestyle Villages is ensuring prospective residents don’t have to choose between their motorhome and the myriad benefits of living in a retirement village.”

Matamata Longlands Lifestyle Village is expected to welcome its first residents in mid-2019. Groundworks are underway and showhome construction will begin soon.

When complete, the village will include a variety of retirement accommodation, from 1-bedroom apartments to 3-bedroom villas with double garages.