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‘Boundaryless’ retirement village to neighbour Auckland golf course

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

‘Boundaryless’ retirement village to neighbour Auckland golf course

Imagine being able to stroll from your front door to a golf course in less than five minutes.

Thanks to Metlifecare, this could soon become a reality. Metlifecare has announced plans to build a retirement village next to Pakuranga Golf Club in Auckland.

Metlifecare chief executive Glen Sowry says the proposed village will seem like an extension of the course.

“The village integration with Pakuranga Golf Club will be boundaryless, with the village green flowing through to the golfing green,” Mr Sowry explains [source:].

Mr Sowry says this type of boundaryless design next to a golf course is a first for New Zealand. Metlifecare is taking great care to ensure the village complements the golf course, opting for a “layered design” for “softer integration” with the course boundary.

“The design of this village is going to be a reflection of its environment,” Mr Sowry says.

“It will make the best possible use of the beautiful views over the greens and down the fairways. It will be a common sight to see golf carts parked outside village units as residents make the short trip from front door to the tee.”

The proposed village will include around 206 new retirement units and is expected to be completed in 2021.