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7 Practical Signs it’s Time to Downsize

Monday, May 28, 2018

7 Practical Signs it’s Time to Downsize

If you’re retired, you might start to feel that your home is too big for you. Following are seven practical reasons for you to downsize your living space:

Your area doesn’t match your lifestyle

Now that you're retired it's time to focus on your interests. Whether this means playing golf twice a week, meeting friends for coffee or finding new groups to join, you'll want to live somewhere convenient without long travel times.

You’re looking for a home that is easier to maintain

As you get older mowing lawns, attending gardens and maintaining your home can start to become a burden. Relocating to a smaller property better adapted to your needs will make your life easier and leave you with more time to spend with your loved ones and hobbies.

Stairs aren’t necessary

Sometimes life is just easier when you don’t have stairs to contend with, whatever your age. Smaller homes are much less likely to need stairs, so if you find yourself avoiding flights of stairs during the day, downsizing might be a welcome relief.

You don’t use all of your rooms

Some people take spare rooms that used to be guest rooms or children’s bedrooms and turn them into offices or yoga studios. If you have several spare rooms that you don’t plan to refit, you may be better off downsizing. Having a smaller home more suited to your needs will help you use your space wisely and appreciate your rooms more.

You don’t need all the electricity you’re paying for

If you’re retired, you may be living on a smaller income than when you were working. Larger homes often mean large amounts of electricity and other utilities consumed, so even downsizing into a slightly smaller house can help reduce your monthly bills.

You have a lot of possessions that you don’t use

Sorting out your possessions before moving house is a great way to examine all the things you own and choose the best things that you would like to bring to your new house. Keeping only the things that you love the most will help your new home feel more spacious, and you can decide whether you would like to sell or give away the possessions you no longer need.

You catch yourself daydreaming about living in a smaller home

The clearest sign that it’s time to downsize is when you find yourself dreaming of a cosier, more convenient space. If you are at this point it's likely time you started considering your options. Firstly, you could buy a low maintenance home or apartment in an area that appeals. Or you might like to relocate to a retirement village where you can continue to live independently without the hassles of ongoing property maintenance. Other benefits of moving to a retirement village include security and companionship. Finally, if the stars align you may have children or other family members who need to upsize their home due to growing families. In this situation you could work out an arrangement to 'swap homes'.

Whatever you choose, ensure your pick a healthy home - warm, dry and well insulated.

Author: Johanna Cider.

Johanna is a freelance writer from New Zealand who enjoys writing about travel, home, and lifestyle. She is passionate about sustainable living and loves gardening, learning how to recycle more and exploring alternative housing solutions . See more of her work here.

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