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Visiting Rest Homes in Wellington

There are many rest homes throughout the Wellington region. We recommend visiting several to get a good overview of what’s available. Visiting rest homes will help you understand the exact services they offer, including their different levels of care.

Types of Rest Homes in Wellington

There are small, mid-sized, and large rest homes in Wellington. Small rest homes have fewer than 50 beds, mid-sized rest homes have between 50 and 100 beds, and large rest homes have more than 100 beds.

Most rest homes in Wellington offer two types of rooms: standard and premium. Standard rooms tend to have space for a single bed and one or two small items of furniture. Premium rooms tend to be more spacious and include a premium feature, such as a private ensuite, garden access, or views.

Some rest homes in Wellington provide all levels of care, including specialist care such as dementia care, while others only offer rest home care and/or hospital care.

How to Search for Rest Homes in Wellington

Searching for rest homes in Wellington is easy using Village Guide. You can use our search function to filter rest homes by location, level(s) of care, size, and more. You can also search by operator if you have a specific one in mind, such as Ryman Healthcare or Metlifecare.

How Much Do Wellington Rest Homes Cost?

Rest homes provide care for a range of circumstances. The cost of living in a rest home changes depending on someone’s needs, the room type they choose, and whether they are eligible for the Residential Care Subsidy.

The Residential Care Subsidy

The Residential Care Subsidy ihelps to cover the cost of living in a Wellington rest home. To be eligible for the subsidy, someone must be assessed as requiring long-term care according to a Needs Assessment. They must also meet the criteria of an assets and income test.

Maximum Contribution

There’s a cap on the amount a rest home can charge each week for standard care – this is called a Maximum Contribution. Set by the Ministry of Health, the Maximum Contribution is based on factors such as where the rest home is located. It’s changed annually each July and is currently $1,163.33 in Wellington City [source:Gazette, April 2021].

NB: The Maximum Contribution applies to standard rooms and services. If a resident opts for a premium room or premium services, the cost of living in a Wellington rest home may exceed the Maximum Contribution.

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Dementia Care in Wellington

Several rest homes in Wellington offer Dementia Care – specialised care for people with memory-related illnesses or cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common). These types of illnesses are progressive and tend to affect people differently, so Dementia Care is flexible to cater to individual needs.

Who is Eligible for Dementia Care in Wellington?

Firstly, someone must be assessed as requiring Dementia Care as per a Needs Assessment. A Needs Assessment will determine the exact level of care someone needs. Please contact your local Needs Assessment Service Coordination(NASC) to arrange an assessment.

Standards for Dementia Care in Wellington Rest Homes

To offer Dementia Care, Wellington rest homes must meet the standards set out in the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001. These standards are compulsory for any rest home providing Dementia Care. Wellington rest homes are frequently audited to ensure compliance.

Find Dementia Care in Wellington

You can use Village Guide to search for rest homes that offer Dementia Care in Wellington. There’s a ‘Level of Care’ box located just under the main search button at the top of this page. Click Level of Care, and then select Dementia Care, to narrow down your search.

Person-Centred Care in Wellington Rest Homes

Person-centred care is an important part of the Ministry of Health’s New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care Person-centred care means ensuring the resident is at the centre of every decision made about their care while living in a Wellington rest home. Key elements of person-centred care include getting consent from the resident about all decisions and providing care that reflects their personal background and needs.

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